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Ideas We all have them. Here are ours.

Walt Disney was told he was “uncreative” prior to founding Disney. Colonel Sanders of KFC Chicken didn’t succeed until age 65.  Judi Sheppard Missett founded Jazzercise after she quit being a professional dancer and was failing as a dance instructor.  She now has 7,500 locations.  What do all these people have in common?  They had...
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During the early days of AP Logic, I had an employee come to me and ask for a demotion. I had promoted this person from a web development role to a project management position. Shortly after, I found that he was stressed out, customers were not getting consistent feedback, and I was frustrated by the...
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I was participating in a board meeting for a young software company and the CEO was asked by an investor how long their average sales cycle lasted. The CEO started to respond, corrected himself several times and finally shared that once he got in front of the right person he could get their eyes to...
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