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Ideas We all have them. Here are ours.

Have you ever wondered why many startup software engineering and tech projects go sideways at the 80-90% completion mark? Just as it seems like all the pieces are coming together . . . there are unexpected delays, errors and team frustration. Most software projects broadly traverse 3 phases: First is the Concept/Design phase (highly interactive)....
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Mozart, Einstein, George Patton: All were people who lived far from the average, “middle-of the bell-curve” and accomplished incredible things. These outlier team members help make so many start-ups exceptional. But these same outliers run into challenges that extend from their out of the box thinking. Founders often fall into this category as well. So,...
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Article written by John Burley, Principal, Burley Consulting for Not too long ago, I wrote about some surprising reasons that a company can be undervalued. One of them was the owner being too important–the company expert, the oil in the well-oiled machine, the chief problem solver, the one who holds the relationship with the customers. Here, we explore...
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