Tech and Strategy for Entrepreneurs


Develop unique people and their unique dreams.

Big tech ideas need effective teams and processes to become real.

A few, gifted people in this world are destined to take the road less travelled. AP Logic helps these individuals and their companies with their technology build-outs, both in strategy and implementation. And we help develop their internal software teams and processes that will grow their technology stack long after the beginning stages.

Whether it's starting from ground-zero with no tech team and no software or making the move from prototyping and sandboxing to live production, we're here to help. Perhaps a few individuals on your team need to hone their skills in leading the programmers, or you need actual development work in one particular area of weakness or inexperience. We're here to provide the level of support that best fits your growing team. Our partners are also cut from the same cloth; we're happy to connect you - we're all on this road together, doing great things that haven't been previously done.

We also help investors recover their technology investments and will consider various joint-ventures if there is a compelling market proposition and we can bring a key piece to the equation.