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Precision Engineering

The engineers who built personally met Gretta Brooks. They asked questions and listened during discussions. Where the system needs speed, it is built to be fast. Where it needs flexibility, it is built to change and scale. Where it needs utmost reliability or security, it is strong.

  • Speed

    When you know your team intimately, you can move much faster with fewer mistakes. And the program itself is cleaner and therefore faster, too.

  • Interactivity

    User experience is about little touches - how fast the page moves, how well it fits the screen. Craftsmen add the little touches that no blueprint can specify completely.


As you approach the launch of your project, you'll want to save your time for marketing, team building and business issues - not worrying about your software.


As your new product first sees the light of day, there are more moving parts than you can count. You need someone that's done this before - a thousand times.


Infrastructure. Publishing software, coordinating cloud services and hardware or servers: for Salesboost, all of this was provided for launch day.


As part of the Testing period, the Salesboost team was trained to use the real software under real working conditions.


Everyone's favorite part. AP Logic's QA team worked directly with Salesboost to ensure that the software was doing what it is supposed to do.


SalesBoost and AP Logic worked together to develop an entry-level support package to provide multi-tier technical and product support to SalesBoosts' clients, as well as SalesBoosts' staff.

  • Roll Right into Production

    Get critical technical support from the team that built the product. Whether it's infrastructure challenges, user adoption issues or just plain "how does it work?" questions, we know how to answer.

  • Train your Team

    If requested, AP logic provides training for your team to help them become technically independent and knowledgeable so that you can support yourself easily.

  • Plan for the Future

    Constant feature and wishlist tracking and prioritization. Strategic meetings on a bi-yearly basis. Releases every 3-4 month (on average). These are some of the ways that we help you keep building and moving.

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