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Speech Analysis

For Gretta and the Salesboost team, it was critical to find out whether or not real time speech interpretation was ready for prime time consumer usage.

We had tp search the worl over, but it turns out, it was.

  • Candidates

    We researched possible platforms that could do what Gretta needed done. Interviewed senior team members, and presented her with a consolidated list of the best candidates.

  • Software Definition

    What does the software actually need to do with one's voice? How are results generated?


Which revenue model is best for short-term growth? Long-term? Combining elements of a consumer sales with a B2B sale was tricky. We selected a 3rd-party subscription management tool and decided to build the rest of the revenue model.

  • Revenue Options

    When it comes to credit cards, subscriptions, recurring invoices, and automating accounts receivable there are a lot of options. We evaluated and rejected several financial and technical approaches before we found the solution that was a perfect fit for Gretta’s business needs.

  • Business Outcomes

    Salesboost required a unique combination: a completely automated process for on boarding small clients and custom onboarding for enterprise clients with a personal Salesboost touch. Without considering these two diverse business needs, there would be no way to craft an effective revenue model.

In addition to client questions, we ask a few of our own too! When the key questions are answered or we are confortable that they will be answered satisfactorily, we can move on to... Visualizing the software.

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