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The Advantage

Rapid-prototyping tools allowed us to develop every single interaction that a user would have with each function specified by the SalesBoost team: Setting up a sales team, recording sample videos, analyzing speech, creating reports for each team member and manager…

Gretta and her team worked directly with AP Logic, literally seeing the models grow as we built them in real-time in response to requests. The result: over 160 screens including simulated user data and working navigation. And a crystal-clear view of the system SalesBoost was designing.

  • Speed

    See screens sooner than any other method of development. Changes accomplished within an hour or two.

  • Accuracy

    Simulate the position and visual/textual content of every screen element.

  • Context

    Click through from one screen to the next and see it just like an end-user will experience.

Engineering Tests

SalesBoost involved highly-technical integrations. These core functions had to be proved through engineering tests and Gretta needed to see these integrations work prior to committing dollars to a build-out.

Spike Solutions

When you aren't sure if and how a technical piece of the project will work, you "spike" it. This is a quick, down and dirty mini-application, designed to test a specific function from start to finish.

  • Real Life Application:

    For Gretta Brooks and Salesboost, we tested audio capturing, voice analysis and integration with a payment systems - all in the space of a few weeks. Based on these tests, changes were made, one system was thrown out and anew one was selected. The project moved on and the implementation phase stayed on-time and budget because we knew how all the major pieces worked.

In addition to client questions, we ask a few of our own too! When the key questions are answered or we are confortable that they will be answered satisfactorily, we can move on to... Visualizing the software.

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