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Current open positions

  • .NET Web Software Engineer


    Are you in pursuit of a software engineering career? Do you want high-level input into the projects you work on? And is it important that those projects have significance and longevity? If so, AP Logic may be your next career move.


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  • Administrative Assistant

    Long Beach, CA

    • Are you looking to gain experience in Administration without a full time committment?
    • Have you proudly worn the label of perfectionist and detail oriented?
    • Do you pride yourself on researching answers when taking on a new project?
    • Do you thrive in organizing chaos and perform well with many projects being assigned to you at once?
    • Do you consider yourself to be an independent, conservative risk-taker?
    • Finally, do you find you often utilize tools or solutions to increase productivity?

    If you answered yes to these, AP Logic has the perfect opportunity for you!

    We’re looking for someone who takes our bits of information and puts everything into the right place and who likes to track progress. Our admin assistant is someone who’s happy reminding us of things we need to do even if it’s not the first time.

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  • B2B Partnership Manager

    North Dallas, TX and Greater Los Angeles

    • Are you tenacious and competitive?
    • Can you naturally relate to people?
    • Is it thrilling to learn something new, show people how it works and then win their trust?

    If so, we have a great opportunity. Apply Here

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