Develop unique people and their unique dreams.

A few, gifted people in this world are destined to take the road less traveled. AP Logic helps these individuals and their companies with their technology build-outs, both in strategy and implementation.

We work with startup investors, incubators and founders to find and build the technology that will make their companies a success. Our goal is not to simply be the outsourced tech wizards. The larger objective is for clients to become self-sufficient. We like to say that we infuse the equivalent of 20 years of tech and leadership experience – all condensed into a year or two.

In some engagements, we function as a contract CTO or UX/engineering team. In others, we augment the existing team or simply point them in the right direction to solve a nagging problem. In all cases, our goal is to eventually make them independent with a team that has the right balance of personalities, experience, and most importantly, the ability to meet the business needs & technical realities without all the pain of missed expectations and nasty surprises.

While virtually all clients are funded at some level, we will consider various working arrangements and are happy to talk about your situation.

Helping entrepreneurs, startups and their investors to build their tech team – and their software – to a revenue release and beyond.