4&4 Media

Live content in 16 states with more coming online.

The Client:

4&4 Media, A creative digital content distributor

The Story:

Gina Holland, an entertainment producer and serial entrepreneur has always believed in helping people through education and teaching them to help themselves. She saw a market opportunity for providing the best movies, MP3s, and articles to prisoners to help prepare them prior to release.

The technical integrations proved to be no easy task! Prison systems’ digital media and tablets are totally proprietary and inaccessible. As a team, we were tasked with creating a middleware application to handle DRM, content licensing and B2B and B2C sales management. Patience was the name of the game when dealing with government and other large organizations – but we’re alive and growing!

Having a fully-qualified technical partner in my ballcourt enabled me to focus on my content vendors and customers. AP Logic was a fantastic “translator”, enabling me to make business decisions without getting sucked into details and specific technologies.

- Gina Holland, Founder & CEO