Grade Potential

Grade Potential exploded from a small-town tutoring service to now having thousands of tutors, serving clients in 33 US cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, Denver and more!

The Client:

Grade Potential, a national provider of in-home private tutors.

The Story:

David Serwitz, Founder and CEO, approached AP Logic to design and build a software platform that would help him scale from one office to dozens across the US.

Specifically, we automated the process of connecting clients to tutors, managing the client engagements, scheduling and handling payments to vendors. The details, including drive times, expertise, ratings, compensation, etc, were all sorted out over a period of about a year and the system launched in that time. As the company grew, a major platform revision allowed Serwitz to scale the business by creating new offices at the click of a button. The platform continues to grow and the plan is to scale both vertically and horizontally!

Their team led us through the exacting process of designing and building our entire back-office operational system from scratch. They then helped us bring our own staff up to speed. AP Logic now provides strategic and occasional tactical support.

- David Serwitz, President & CEO