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Precision Engineering

AP Logic web and app engineers are primarily full-time, long-term, US-based gurus who know how to ask questions and listen during key discussions. They are involved during the formation of business requirements. And, finally, they understand the details that make startups work: SPEED, INTUITION and FREEDOM.

  • Speed

    Startups move fast. When you know your team intimately, you can move much faster with fewer mistakes. And the program itself is cleaner and therefore faster, too.

  • Intuition

    User experience is about little touches – motions that guide your eye… Buttons which appear right when you need them. Craftsmen add the little touches that no blueprint can specify completely.

  • Freedom

    As you approach the launch of your project, you'll want to save your time for marketing, team building and business issues - not worrying about your software.


As your new apps and websites first see the light of day, there are more moving parts than you can count. Our approach focuses on the 80/20 rule and prioritizing relentlessly. We can quarterback any aspects of launch that you need help with.


Infrastructure. Publishing software, coordinating cloud services, marketing feature activations and devops or infrastructure vendors.


During BETA, get real-world experience in training under actual working conditions with real data.


We have dedicated QA team members whose job is to independently test and verify the logic and features of your software.


AP Logic provides multi-tier technical and product support. Some clients choose to support their own software, or are seeking to build their own tech teams also, which we also help with.

Roll Right into Production

Get critical technical support from the team that built the product. Whether it's infrastructure challenges, user adoption issues or just plain "how does it work?" questions, we know how to answer.

Build Your Team

As your company grows, AP Logic can also help you build your future technical team. Or we can simply act as your outsourced development and support department… Whether that is Architecture, Testing & QA, DevOps, Software Release Cycles, Coordinating vendors' services, Marketing team integrations, and much more

Plan for the Future

Constant feature and wishlist tracking and prioritization. Strategic meetings on a bi-yearly basis. Releases every 3-4 month (on average). These are some of the ways that we help you keep building and moving.

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