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Thinking about
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The goal of the roadmap is to understand the key variables in getting to your product launch and building your team. There are often multiple pathways and pros and cons. We'll map the key variables so you can decide.

Business Considerations

On the business side, we'll look at:

  • Current team composition

  • Outcomes/End-game for your technology product

  • Budget

  • Major feature groups and schedules

Technical Considerations

On the tech side, we consider:

  • Platforms and technologies


  • Tools to support revenue models for the software

At completion of the roadmap, you’ll know about potential platforms and technologies that already exist. You'll have an idea of budgets, release schedules and scope options - often in the form of pros and cons. All these decisions are informed by real data points from real life experience – So you can focus on doing something creative that has never been done before instead of vetting software technologies and vendors!

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