See & test it before you build

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The Interface

Rapid prototyping tools allow our clients to see screens, interacting just as if they were a user of the final product! So, whether it's a purchase process, a training course or an AI engine responding to user requests, we can simulate the user experience without ever writing any code.

Our largest clients require over 500 screen designs, so if we're going to get it done quickly, we've got to focus on the 3 fundamentals:

  • Speed

    A wireframe can be built about 8x faster than a real screen image. We work with clients in real-time during screen designs, updating literally as we speak.

  • Accuracy

    We'll ask you a ton of questions. Every data or nav element can be charted – and its cheaper and faster than doing it later. There *is* always time to do it over!

  • Context

    Ever wondered why exactly the app wanted you to do something that made no sense? Yup, that's why we always know where the user is going and show them that as they progress through your site or app.

Engineering Prototypes

Better to test before the build! Whether its a new AI application or a simple payment gateway, most startup clients require integrations between multiple cloud services. These core functions must be proved through engineering tests and clients need to see these integrations tested prior to committing big dollars to integration.

Spike Solutions

When you aren't sure if and how a technical piece of the project will work, you "spike" it. This is a quick, down and dirty mini-application, designed to test a specific function from start to finish.

  • Real Life Application:

    One of our software architects recently called a large ERP provider on behalf of an AP Logic client. This provider admitted that other vendors “had difficulty” with their APIs. Usually, if they admit that much, it's the understatement of the month. There are a million third-party vendors who have “integrations”. A few are known quantities that work well. Another category are well-documented, but not well-tested. Yet another group are like this one: neither well documented, nor well-tested.

In addition to client questions, we ask a few of our own too! When the key questions are answered or we are comfortable that they will be answered satisfactorily, we can move on to... Visualizing the software.

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